Monday, December 3 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids, although loud, were still working mainly together.  In circle, I told the story of Hanukkah and the miracle of the oil.  As a way to revisit this, we made donuts cooking them in hot oil all the while talking about how many days the oil lasted and why that was amazing.

Because this took the entire free time, I didn’t make it outside to see what the kids were up to.  Lisa told me that they had built an obstacle course that they were enjoying.

Inside, besides the donuts, Brittni was working with each kid to design an invitation to our winter celebration.  We used blue paint and a dreidel.  I noticed that some kids spun the dreidel to spread the paint, while others used the dreidel as a way to stroke the paint on the paper once again showing how we are all alike and we are all different!

We were able to read three of our All About Me books to the class today.  We read “All About Me” by Addy Jones, “All About Me” by Sebastian Riggs, and “All About Me” by Eliza Jones.

We are also reading our books to each other with the idea that we will discover more about each other as well as practice reading.  My thanks to Brittni and Lisa for all of their help today!