Monday, December 10

Today we read “All About Me” by Josie Zoradi, “All About Me” by River Anderson, and “All About Me” by Sebastian Johnson.  The kids are really excited when it is their book being read.  Several of them have come up to me to read the book themselves!

While the kids were helping with the cake, I was working with a weaving project.  We made Mkeka, a woven mat to place fruits and vegetables from the harvest.  This is not an easy task, but many of the kids persevered.  To make this last longer, I laminated the final project so that it may be used for a place mat or to hang on a wall.

Violet had many kids outside, but they didn’t last very long before they returned to the classroom.  I think it was just a bit too cold!

The water table with the foam mat, soap, and warm water is a great way to work through some sensory needs.  The physical work being done is very calming as is the warm water.

Josie turned 4 ½ and we celebrated with rainbow cake and a song.  My thanks to Trisha and Violet for all of their help today!