Friday, November 9 - What We Did Today!

I enjoyed today so much, even with the loud and rowdy gym time!  These kids showed me how much they could do independently as well as in a team.

After circle, the kids independently split into three groups, one to the art table, one to the sensory table, and the last outside.  It turned out to be a split of seven outside and seven inside and stayed that way throughout the morning even though the kids themselves moved in and out.

Nathanial was working with kids at the art table painting with chalk.  The interest in this only lasted about 15 minutes at best.   At that time, they headed over to the sensory table where three or four kids were helping me make some new play dough.  When the next group headed over, we had finished, but they wanted to help also, so we made another batch.  For a while, all seven were hanging at the play dough table creating, cutting, or making blob-blobs. 

I headed outside to see what was happening outside.  Wow!  The first time I went out, they had begun to make a Yeti trap.  Mark had volunteered to be the Yeti dummy and test out the trap.  At this point it was made up of boards set up like balance beams with dirt on top.  I was told that the dirt was to make the Yeti slip and get caught.  The next time I came out, it was twice as long and had pieces going off the balance beams to confuse the Yeti or possibly to be an additional trap.  All I know is that poor Mark did more testing then the crash dummies!  The last time I was outside, I took a video to show you the extent these kids went to in creating the trap. Be sure to watch it.

The interesting thing for me, was that the kids changed throughout the process.  The seven that started slowly returned to the classroom as those at the sensory table began switching to outside.  A few stayed in place the entire time, but most kept the Yeti trap going when they joined outside. 

My thanks to Nathanial and Mark for all of their help today!

Oops, they won’t let me post the video! Sorry!