Tuesday, November 6 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Seyi’s 3rd birthday with confetti cake and a song. We started our day with the water table.  Most of the kids were hanging there from the time they walked in until it was time to make the cake.  There were 7 kids surrounding the table most of the time.  The interest was water beads.  They are polymers that absorb water growing as they do.  We have them in multiple colors creating a great visual display never mind the textural experience.

At the art table, we had grated chalk in various colors, water and cotton swabs for painting.  The kids were interested at first, but then making the cake or playing in the sun became higher interests!

Outside, the sun was out, and Alex, Morrie, Harlan, and Oliver were digging for buried treasure or worms which, for some of them, is the same thing.  Morrie went away with a pocket of treasures (no worms, I promise!)  Cordelia, June, and Baker were climbing Mt. Everest using the slide and a rope.  I was chanting grab, pull, step over and over until they made it to the top!

Morrie and Oliver had decided to go down the roller coaster backwards by turning the car around at the top and kicking off.  There were a few jolts as they veered too close to the red box and stopped dead!  We talked about why they thought they were going off course, but they didn’t get too far into the mechanics of weight shifting.  Something to bring up another time.

Inside, I noticed Knox using blocks to build something for his cars.  He was creating a bumpy road out of castle blocks. Harlan and Baker joined him with the cars only using the garage instead of the blocks for the cars to go down.  Elliette, Seyi, and Lisette were in the dramatic play area making food.  I think they managed to use every piece of food we have!

My thanks to Ayo and George for all of their help!