Monday, November 5 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about homes.  We read a book called “Homes” and then talked about what our homes looked like – were they houses, apartments, tents?  What shapes were they – did they have a flat roof or a triangular roof?  What color were they?  From there, they went to the art table and drew their rendition of their homes with pencil.  Once getting the details complete, the kids painted their home with water color paint.  They look awesome and will be a part of their All About Me books.

Outside, Brad had many kids.  He was playing a Yeti and chasing after the kids.  They, of course, loved every minute of it.  I was surprised when I was able to bring some in to draw their homes!

Inside, Addy and Eliza were making food for some finger puppets, Simon was building with the Legos, and Molly was building with Magna Tiles.  I was at the play dough table with Una for a bit working with a mixture of black and purple play dough.

The water table was filled with warm water and Rowan thought it would be great to put a can drum into the table.  When I mentioned that the drum belonged to someone and I didn’t want to ruin it, I asked if any large tin can would work.  I found two cans and added them to the water then found several measuring cups.  The kids enjoyed filling up the cans using the measuring cups.  After a while, we discovered one of the cans wouldn’t stay filled.  After checking out the can, we found two holes in the base of the can that the water must have been coming out of, but because the can was sitting in the water, we couldn’t see the water escaping.

My thanks to Cheryl and Brad for all of their help!