Friday, November 30 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids had a great day.  There was some conflict, but that’s what we are here for.  They were loud and energetic but playing and working well together.  Even in circle, they each shared something with the circle which included anything from what they wanted for Christmas to how they were feeling.  They sat through a summary of Diwali, diyas, and light before we talked about the winter solstice or Yule, and the candles and evergreens that represent light and return of the harvest.

At the art table, Angie worked with those that wanted to make a Solstice candle.  Despite being a project more than a process, I love to see how different they all turn out.

Aaron was outside the entire time working with kids creating something to do with Yeti’s.  If Mark only knew what he started with the Yeti traps, I think he would be surprised at the direction this play has gone.

I was working with all of the kids to bind their books.  We used a simple two holes and yarn to do this.  The kids had a bit of time to check out their books before returning them to me.

After snack, we read our books to each other.  We will continue to do this for the next two weeks getting use to reading pictures while learning about each other.  We will be able to see how we are a like and how we are different.

Today we read our first All About Me book.  This one was written by Margot Zieske.  Feel free to have the kids read their books to you when you are in the classroom.  Many of them are very proud of themselves!

My thanks to Angie and Aaron for all of their help today!