Thursday, November 29 - What We Did Today!

Today the kids started out evenly spit with four outside digging, four inside taking care of babies, and for setting up a train track.  This lasted for a while at which point, they moved and joined others or decided to work at the art table.

At the art table, we were making Winter Solstice candles.  In this class, I don’t go into detail about the Winter Solstice, but we still get to make some of the projects.

One of my favorite observations today was outside.  I was just checking out what was going on.  There were five to six kids up in the play structure.  They were dangling a rope over the edge.  After a few attempts to catch and eat me, Morrie asked me to attach the rope to one of the roller coaster pieces.  I looped the rope around and next thing I know five kids are above pulling the rope to lift the 2 ½ x 3 ½ piece of plastic up toward the top of the structure and over the banister.  They were so proud of themselves that they asked me to loop another big piece.  This one was also lifted over the ledge, but Cordelia remarked that there wasn’t enough room in the structure to pull any more pieces up.  They stopped for a bit and thought about what they could do about that.  There were three different solutions from the five of them.  One of them suggested they stand them up against the edge to save room.  Another thought they could drop it down the slide.  And the third decided that they could pull it up then drop it down the slide and then pull it up again.  Amazing work problem solving!

My thanks to Keri and Michael for all of their help today!