Wednesday, November 28 - What We Did Today!

Wednesday, November 28

With our meeting tonight, this will be a short note.  There is still a lot of energy in these kids and they have not yet been able to get back into the structured routine.  Despite this, they are very busy and appear to be having a great time.

Circle is not easy for them right now, but we make a go of it anyway.  Today I wanted to talk with them about the Winter holidays.  We will be learning about the different holidays throughout the next two weeks.  We will focus on Diwali, Winter Solstice (Yule), Hanukah, St. Nicholas Day, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and St. Lucia Day.  This is another way for us to discover how we are all a like and all different.  Una dressed in a Sari for the class to see Indian clothing and we talked about how dark it is in the Winter and how candle light brightens a room.

At the art table, we used clay to make diyas (dee-yas), candle holders used to light up the darkness during Diwali.  Many of the kids worked very hard making a pinch pot for a candle to fit into and then adding designs with various tools.

We are almost finished with our All About Me books which we will be reading over the next two weeks.  We are only missing a couple of recipes written by preschool kids.

Outside, I think they were working on Yeti traps again, but I was so busy inside I didn’t get out to check in.  My thanks to Bevin and Kyle for all of their hard work today!

(So much for short!)