Tuesday, November 27 - What We Did Today!

Today we read about our Can-Do Kid June!  Many of the Can-Do Kids are beginning to put on their shoes and socks, so I asked them which was harder, putting on socks or putting on shoes.  Those that answered said socks were harder with one shoe person.  Is your Can-Do Kid putting on shoes and socks?  Watch how they are doing it.  Where do they seem to be having trouble, the heel of the sock? The back of the shoe?  Problem solve with them to find ideas that may make it easier.  Once they’ve tested out their solution, reflect with them on how it went.  Did it work?  Do we need to problem solve again?  This is an important practice for them to learn to use – problem solve, theory, test, reflect.

Outside today, there was a lot of traps being created when all of a sudden, I hear Oliver telling us he is making a sculpture.  He has four blocks stacked one on top of the other, dirt he and James have dug up and placed on the top of the stack, a large board on top of that going horizontally and more dirt shoveled on top of the board!  When he decides he is done, he takes off the horizontal board along with all of the dirt on top of it, and let’s us know that now it is done.  The point of the horizontal board was to pack the dirt down on the top of the sculpture!  Amazing thinking process.

We worked with clay for the first time and Griffin had almost a full table for about an hour.  They were mainly enjoying the texture and playing with the clay.  I enjoyed watching them and listening in to what they were saying.

My thanks to Griffin and Amber for all of their help today!