Friday, November 2 - What We Did Today!

Today we had our special guest!  Jennifer from Wood working with Children also works at Catlin Cable as the wood working teacher for the younger group.  She has been coming to Irvington almost as long as I have been here. 

Most of the kids stayed and learnt about the various tools, what they are called, and what their job is.  From there, Jennifer sent them to the wood box to choose some wood.  The main idea is to have them connect two pieces together, but Simon said he needed more than two pieces.  I asked him if he had a plan.  He did, so we headed to the writing table to draw a diagram of his plan.  From there, there was no stopping him.  His design changed a bit as he put the pieces together, but only for the better.

Liam put two pieces together trying both the hammer and the screwdriver.  It followed this up by using the saw to cut one of the boards (he was the only one to use the saw!)  When he was finished, I asked him if he wanted to add anything or make it into something.  He decided he would like to add wheels.  He chose some beads that Jennifer had in her box and attached them to the sides.

As most kids decide to start by attaching their two pieces in the shape of a cross, we have many airplanes.  Bodhi and Margot were both flying the pieces on test flights once they finished.  Others, like Josie and Bash, were so excited and proud of themselves for hammering nails all the way into the wood without any help that the experience was all they needed.  Others like Lex and River continued to add things on to their original two-piece connection creating many connections with both screws and nails!

Eliza waited until it was quieter and fewer people were working at the benches before she chose a triangular piece of wood and used screws and a screw-drill to add beads in a decorative manner.

My thanks to Talieson and Brittni for all of their help today!