Wednesday, November 14 - What We Did Today!

Today the mood was loud and energetic.  Several kids started out really excited about the Hart tubes in the water table.  I love to watch the kids as they try to figure out where the water will go once they pour it into the pipe!  Our set-up allows for some changes in tube sizes and types giving the kids some freedom as to how they want it set-up.  All of the kids checked it out at least one time during the day with several working off and on all day.

During first circle, we worked on drawings of our time with Jennifer the woodworking teacher.  The kids dictated to us what they liked about the woodworking class.  I will photo copy these and sent them to Jennifer as a thank you, while the originals will go into another book we will be writing about our community.

Outside, Jessie was working with some of the kids who built the Yeti traps on Friday.  I don’t think he was too keen on being the test Yeti.  Inside, there was a lot of play dough activity.  The creations at the table are becoming quite intricate.  Rowan and Sebastian worked really hard for a while as well as Lex.

Sebastian, Bodhi, and Bash were wanting to run around the classroom, but with all of the sharp corners, they weren’t able to, so they found another way to get the input they wanted.  First, they hopped around the rug and then they skipped.  I was able to keep them in a safer environment for awhile before they needed to mush play dough again!

The dry table has various painted rocks and glass rocks along with the pirate ship.  For some of the kids, this becomes all about the pirate ship, while for others it is about finding all of the treasure.  The scrips change based on the individuals’ interests.

My thanks to Aaron and Jessie for all of their help today!