Tuesday, November 13 - What We Did Today!

Today there were several new options set up for the kids.  I changed out the dry table to painted and glass rocks and added the pirate ship and orcas.  The kids were busy searching for treasure, gold rocks, and/or glass rocks of specific colors.  They were loading up the ship with rocks or carrying rocks in buckets.  Harlan had an entire crew listening to whatever she had to say!

The water table is now the home of pipes of various sizes, connectors, funnels and cups.  Today I set up the pipes for the kids to investigate.  I heard lots of “where did the water go?”  “how do I get it over there?” and “why isn’t it coming out here?”.  All good inquiry questions.  From there, they were able to research (follow the pipes), and problem solve.  Many of the kids spent most of their time at the water table right up until the end of snack.

Baker and Lisette were outside for a while, but it was too cold for most of the kids.  We read about two Can Do Kids - Oliver and Baker.  We are posting these on the front bulletin board once they have been read to the group.  Be sure to get your child’s Can-Do homework in soon, so that we can share it with the class and hang it up.

My thanks to Michelle and Debbie for all of their help today!