Tuesday, October 9 - What We Did Today!

Today we had some new activities.  At the art table, we were working with water color cakes.  It was set up as an opportunity to discover what makes the colors lighter or darker, which paper works best with the water, and to see the different styles each of the kids have.

The water table was very busy today.  It was warm soapy water with whisks, an egg beater, and straws.  Oliver found a way to create enough bubbles that he could wear a beard of bubbles.  Others were just enjoying the satisfaction of blowing bubbles.

The dry table didn’t draw anyone that I saw.  I taped several boxes together to create an apparatus allowing kids to pour chestnuts through tubes and see where they go.  Two are high with one or two lower ones.  This may have something to do with a lack of interest.  I like to work with the kids asking them how they could reach the tube, what do you see in our classroom that might help.  Eventually, they will be automatically problem solving around this area.

Sara was working with a group of kids who were measuring chairs and tables in the classroom using tape measures.  They were so interested, they took off. Cordelia even measured me (I’m shrinking, evidently!)

Griffin was outside for much of the morning helping kids to climb the slide or dash down the roller coaster.

The cars and garage have become a great place to work together and start conversations.  If just one kid is there, they’re happy, when there are more, they work together building, racing cars, or bringing other toys into the area to extend the game.

My thanks to Sara and Griffin for all of their help today!