Monday, October 8 - What We Did Today!

Today we looked at some red plant life that I brought in from my walk.  I asked the kids to look at it, smell it, feel it, and listen to it.  Then I had them describe it to me.  They said it was spikey, pokey, red and small.  It smelled gross.  And pieces came off of it.  I told them they were seeds from a dogwood tree.  Great job working on their descriptions.

At the art table, some kids were adding their faces to their self-portraits.  Some were mixing their skin color. Others were checking out the shape of their heads to be cut from the painted paper.  Wednesday I will attempt to have everyone’s self-portrait finished and on the board!

Margot and Josie had so much fun mixing paint they asked me if they could keep mixing.  I brought out something to put the paint into with several extra cups for mixing and left them to it.  When I came back, Margot had created black with a bluish tint.  Josie was still working slowly and had several different pots of mixed paint.  Eventually, she mixed them all into one as well.

A new set-up in the dry table allowed for various tubes to roll chestnuts down.  It wasn’t even circle time before a couple of kids had chosen to roll cars down the tubes instead of the chestnuts.  The biggest problem with this was that many of the cars quickly stuck inside a skinny tube.  This did not seem to stop them though, they continued for most of the morning.

Kristen was outside with two to five kids the entire morning.  They were in their “house” working away.  My thanks to Rachel and Kristen for all of their help!