Friday, October 5 - What We Did Today!

Today everyone was very busy!  The signing in is coming along well with all of the kids participating.  Please remember, if they just scribble their name, that is okay.  We are practicing at whatever stage we are at.  We have been trying new things at first circle.  I am trying to find a way for kids to hold their thoughts while I tell them what is happening.  I had them wait while I explained what was happening at the centers, then, I asked them to imagine what they would like to try first and when they knew, to raise their hands.  Once they told me where they were going to go, I had them head off.  We will see if this helps to build some of the impulse control.

We cut our heads out of the painted paper after checking in the mirror for shape.  We had many circles and ovals, but only one triangle (which it was).  We checked for hair colors and types.  Cut yarn the right length and glued it on to our heads.  Next up, faces!

Playdough was popular today with many different things being created.  Sebastian made a glog by himself after saying he couldn’t, and Rowan was making lots of different creatures.

Outside, Brittni had at least one kid for most of the free play.  When I was outside there was roller coaster rides, of course, and some digging.  River told me he found a worm in the garden.  We have been checking out our pumpkins and we have 3 different varieties growing.  There is the Cinderella – orangey pink – the white ones – can’t remember their names, and the pie pumpkins – the small orange ones.  I’m looking forward to harvesting them!

There was much manipulative play today, Liam and Simon and then Margot and Una were building marble runs.  Liam and Simon were also testing out cars on various ramps to see where they would go.  Addy, Eliza and Una were having a picnic, Addy and Rowan mixed their skin color, and Sebastian and Bash were making crazy Mr. Potato Heads!

We had some quiet reading time while the last kids finished up their snack.  Today I brought out some National Geographic Kids magazines for them to read.  We talked about what we saw that we were interested in.

My thanks to Tony and Brittni for all of their help!