Thursday, October 4 - What We Did Today!

Today we were busy with several favorites.  At the play dough table, we started with chocolate play dough, a favorite of mine for many reasons, when someone asked me, why do we just have brown play dough?  I told her that if we had more than one color, the two would get mixed together and that would create brown play dough.  She said they would not mix them, so I brought out the purple play dough on one side of the table and kept the brown play dough on the other.  They were true to their word and had a great time manipulating glass stones into the play dough or out of the play dough.

At the art table, there were several baskets of collage items, glue, and scissors.  Collaging with little ones is fascinating as they are still figuring out how much glue is enough, what side it goes on, and other process-oriented questions.

The water table is always a favorite.  There is something about warm water and tools to play with that calm even the toughest kid.  It also can rile them up when the tools have many uses, including blowing into water and squirting water, but hey, that’s why the come to preschool, so you don’t have to try it at home!

Outside, there were kids climbing trees, riding the roller coaster, and sliding on the play structure.  The weather has been great for them to enjoy the outside area.

At circle, we have been learning some Halloween songs.  Be sure to check with your child and see if they have a favorite, mine is Stirring!

My thanks to Melinda and Alicia as well as Pat and Mim for all of their help today!