Tuesday, October 30 - What We Did Today!

With Halloween just around the corner, we had our party today.  Many of the kids came in their costumes while others chose to change just before the parade.  We had Minnie Mouse, Poppy, Supergirl, Superman, Hay-hay (I’m not sure how that is spelled, but you know who I mean!) an astronaut and many others. 

We made pumpkin bread for our party which must have been good as there were only crumbs left.  We gave pumpkins faces, and spiders legs at the art table.  But, I noticed that most of the kids were playing in one of three areas.

In the dramatic play area, Lisette was cooking for Baker and her baby.  When they were through others took up where they left off.  The cars and the garage were very popular as Knox, Morrie and Alex took turns taking their car down the garage ramp.  This left us with many opportunities to work with kids on talking to others rather than screaming, letting others know when we don’t like something, and solving problems!  James found a time to work in this area when he was the only one allowing him to do whatever he wanted with the cars and garage.

Over in the manipulative area, Oliver was building a tower with Duplo’s.  I asked him what kind of tower it was, and he told me it was a king’s tower, and he had lots of kids, so the tower had to be tall.  Check out how tall it got before it fell.  At the same time, Alex was working with the marble run.  At first, he was just holding some runs that he had put together and running the marbles.  I showed him the bases and how to set up the beginning runs. He worked with the marbles for about 15 minutes.  This interested Lisette, so she asked about the runs and we showed her where they were.  She also put some together so that she could run marbles down the chutes.

Elliette and Seyi had found many marbles and began to create their own game.  This lasted until last call for snack when they decided it was time to eat.

My thanks to Griffin, Leanne, and Sara for all of their help today!  Also, thanks to those of you who attended the parade and party, it means a lot to the kids!