Wednesday, October 3 - What We Did Today!

Today we read about all the shades of brown there are in skin, cinnamon, chocolate, honey, ginger, French toast and many others.  We then mixed our skin color using red, yellow, white and black paint.  The kids tested their colors on the back of their hands to check on how close they were getting.  Once they were comfortable with the color, they painted a piece of paper using their color.  This will become the base of our self-portraits.

The water table draws a lot of kids, whether to splash or try to decide how the tools work I’m not sure.

Outside Brad was busy keeping track of who was next on the roller coaster.  Was it Josie, Lex, Molly, Eliza, who knows?  Gus and Rowan were working in the sand box and trees, Bash, Sebastian and Molly were digging for “all the worms” in the garden.  They were having a tough time finding any despite how deep Bash was digging.  I think the five hundred that I let loose headed out of town as soon as possible!

Eliza, Addy, Una, and Josie were playing family, making food, taking care of the baby and anything else they could think of.

River and Josie were using tweezers to pull brown things out of the chestnut table while Bodhi, Eliza, Simon, and Liam were racing cars around.

My thanks to Jake and Brad for all of their help today!