Friday, October 26 - What We Did Today!

Today at first circle, we talked about our homework assignment.  I asked the kids what their favorite foods were and told them they were going to write a recipe for that food.  Many kids said Mac and Cheese was their favorite.  They will draw a picture on the paper I sent home and then dictate the recipe.  Any adult can help them with this project.

At the art table, we were making webs with wood, nails and yarn.  Those interested did a great job and immediately put their spiders from Wednesday into the web.  This project always draws a different crowd to the art table!

Some of the kids who hadn’t made a spider decided today to create one today.  Addy was adamant that her spider, Milo, needed long red, blue, and green hair which she added before we hung Milo up in our web!

Outside, kids came and went a usual, but Eliza was out there most of the morning.  She was up in the play structure and climbing the rock wall.  She found some worms that she came to show me as well.

The energy level was very high today and the noise level followed suit.  I made sure they had as much time as possible in the gym to work through some of said energy before story and home.  The neat thing, though, is that even though they were very loud, it wasn’t because someone was hurt or yelling at someone else.  It was purely excitement at what they were doing.  For instance, Simon and Liam were continuing physics experiments with cars, balls, and spiders using ramps, marble runs, and tables.  Molly had help from an alumnus in building a comfortable space for herself and her stuffy friends.

Bash, Sebastian, Bodhi and River were working with the black and purple play dough for a while as they shared, talked and created.  Josie joined in for a while before moving on.

My thanks to Jake and Aaron for all of their help.