Thursday, October 25 - What We Did Today!

Today our 12 caterpillars were inside and outside, working together and working alone, and seeming to enjoy it all!  I know I did.

At the art table, we created spiders.  There were some books for reference, but the idea was to decide what they needed for their spider, put it together except for the legs, and then have Alicia help with the legs using the glue gun.  The kids were so proud of their creations.  Some of them are nestled in out classroom web while others were added to webs created by their owners.  Baker had his placed just right on his web and then taped to the wall.

Outside, Morrie was making a cake in the dirt while Baker was climbing Mt. Everest!  Many of the kids were digging in the dirt having a grand time.

There was much interest in the ramps and car garages today.  Various kids were working together with one of the new garages, while Oliver and Cordelia were running things through tubes at different pitches.  Once the garage cleared up, Elliette, Seyi, and June began using it with people and a script instead of cars.  They were busy for quite a while.

At the play dough table, Lisette and Elliette were rolling out black and purple dough and cutting out Halloween cats, witches, and skeletons.  Others joined in throughout the morning.

During circle, we had the chance to talk about germs from coughing and sneezing.  The Butterfly class made germ gardens, and I was able to borrow one to show the kids the germs that had grown.  With that information and a picture in their minds of what germs looked like, most of the kids agreed they would rather wash their hands then eat those germs!

My thanks to Alicia and James for all of their help today!