Tuesday, October 23 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated James 4th birthday with a song and chocolate cake!  Melinda had about seven kids helping with the cake.  They are going to be amazing bakers if they are not already!

We painted pumpkins in the water table and then washed them in the buckets.  Which one was the most fun?  Hard to tell, but there was definitely a lot of participation.

At the art table, the kids were dropping marbles and some white paint into a cake pan lined with black paper.  As they roll the marbles around the pan, they create lines similar to those in a spider web.  Some kids chose to use more paint than others giving their web a different look.

There has been much interest in the car area as we add blocks and ramps to the regular space.  The kids are testing out different ways to send their cars down the ramps, different types of ramps, and materials to make the ramps.  We are just starting to do some problem solving in this area.  How high should the ramp be?  Can we add another ramp?  How can we stop the car at the end of the ramp?

Many of the kids were working on our number puzzles.  These can be tricky.  They are set up so that for each number, the puzzle board has the same number of objects painted on it and the same number of puzzle pieces.  For instance, the number 3 puzzle has three caps on the board and three pieces to put together.  This helps begin the process of connecting the numeral 3 to three objects.

This class is such a joy, thank you for sharing them with me!  My thanks to Michelle and Melinda for all of their help today!