Monday, October 22 - What We Did Today!

Today in first circle we the kids talked for quite a while.  We talked again about germs and colds, but the kids took the discussion to various other subjects.  We instigated the quiet hand policy, and, amazingly, most of the kids were able to remember to raise a hand if they had something to tell us.

There were many new things going on the centers.  We were painting pumpkins and then washing them.  For many of the kids the washing is the best part!  Bodhi and Bash worked on a pumpkin together which led to Josie telling Cheryl she wanted to share her pumpkin with someone.  It was obviously more fun with two!

There was purple and black play dough with many Halloween cookie cutters available.  Several of the kids joined in play dough to bring out some spooky Halloween creatures!

The dry table is full of leaves and spiders.  There are tweezers available help find and pick up the spiders.  At first, many of the kids were pretending to be afraid of the spiders, screaming when they spotted one.  This changed during the play to catching the spiders and building a spider home for them.  The tweezers (which look like alligators) became a part of the game by eating the spiders.  This game involved four and sometimes five boys and lasted for most of the morning.

Simon and Liam have been working with ramps for the last two weeks, so when I spotted a building toy that was about putting planks together to create different types of ramps, I bought it and brought it into class.  What I discovered was that there was much interest.  That if I was willing to help with the building, I would be doing ALL of the building.  And that it was probably to advance for these kids.  It was certainly worth a try though and I will bring it out again near the end of school.

Outside, Brittni was busy the entire morning.  She had house builders, diggers, cricket spider hunters, and tree climbers.  I wasn’t out long, but I did notice kids having to work together and doing a good job!

My thanks to Cheryl and Brittni for all of their help!