Tuesday, October 2 - What We Did Today!

Today the full twelve kids were here with Lisette starting her first day with us.  It is a great group of kids and they seem to be enjoying themselves.

At the art table, we dropped liquid watercolors on to leaf shaped defusing paper.  The colors spread out across the shape and mix together at various spots.  It is fun to ask the kids where they got blue since I didn’t put blue paint out. 

The chocolate play dough was used today to bring some kids together in play.  Conversation starts as they share play dough and ideas.

The water table has some tubes, basters, cups, and pumps.  The kids are testing them out to see what does what and because no one has told them how to do it, they are finding many other ideas in which to use the tools.

With all of our car lovers, I brought out an old garage I got at the rummage sale.  Many of the kids were lining up cars, driving them to the elevator, driving them down the ramps and home to a place on the floor mat.  There was a lot of interactive play.

Outside, the kids were sliding, digging, climbing, and riding the roller coaster.  James set up a ladder in the trees to give the kids something new to climb as well as a balance beam to walk onto the structure stairs.  Much fun was had!  My thanks to Michelle and James for all of their help!