Tuesday, October 16 - What We Did Today!

Today was another beautiful day shared by many while outside digging and sliding.  Our white, or ghost pumpkin, was beginning to rot on the bottom, so we took the opportunity to open it up and check it out.  It had split on the bottom early in its’ growth, so we found a false outer skin on the inside!  I was probably more excited about this than the kids, as Seyi and Elliette looked at me trying to figure out what was so cool about that!

Harlan, Oliver, and June were busy building a home for the worms in the garden.  They very considerately added some unripe tomatoes for food.  Oliver told me that once they were finished, they would build me a comfy home with a bed and t.v.

Morrie and Alex were very busy digging up the drier dirt and filling a truck over and over.  I didn’t hear what their plan was, but it was obviously a good one as it keep them busy for a long time.

At the art table, the kids were making collages using various Halloween themed items.  It was an opportunity to discover how much glue is enough!  James had a great time using stamps to create stickers that he then could put on his paper.  Cordelia stuck with the felt ghosts and pumpkins.

We were washing babies at the water table and I heard that Baker did an awesome job getting his baby extra clean.  As usual, the cars and trucks were popular with most of the kids.  I had set up a few ramps near the cars and a basket of other things that rolled giving them something else to think about.  Knox was sure to test out everything in the basket to see how they rolled.

My thanks to George and Debbie for all of their help today!