Monday, October 15 - What We Did Today!

Today we talked about who was in our families.  We counted each of the kids’ families.  Some of the kids included their cat or dog, grandparents, or aunts and uncles.  From there, the kids headed to the art table and began making collages of their families.  This can be a tedious job for those who would rather be somewhere else, so they may have taken a break to finish another day.  This will be the second page in our “All About Me” books.

We were washing babies today in the water table.  They are not yet ready to be washing any real babies, but they sure seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Outside, Eliza and Gus were rebuilding the play structure.  They were hammering and sawing away in construction hats while Lex was deciding whether or not he should sit sideways on the roller coaster.  Bash and Margot were digging away in the garden and River was working in the sand box.

Addy and Una were playing guitars together and singing softly while Liam and Simon testing every slanted surface they could find to roll cars down.  Their theory at the time was to see which cars and which ramps would allow the car to roll down and land right side up!  They have been pursuing this for over a week now.  I set-up some different blocks and ramps near the writing table to see if that would help them to move their testing up a notch, but I think that they were enjoying running ramps out the loft windows, off the loft bannister, and through the tubes way too much.

My thanks to Cassie and Keane for all of their help today!