Thursday, October 11 - What We Did Today!

Today we celebrated Cordelia’s 4th birthday with a song and strawberry cake.  There were many bakers helping with this.  I did not see a crumb in the compost, so I’m guessing it was pretty good!

Outside, the weather was gorgeous and brought a few kids out to enjoy it.  Lisette, Baker, and James were out when I was out sliding themselves and trucks down the slide.  Baker was also working on his balancing with a beam across the stair and palette. 

Many of the kids came, played, built, and left the car and train area.  It started with Lisette, but through the morning, I saw Baker, Harlan, June, Alex, Elliette, Knox, Morrie and Oliver join in.

The dry table with the boxes and tubes was tested out a bit more today.  Someone found a way to climb higher up so they were able to reach the tubes.  Some of the tubes send the chestnuts into containers while others just send them back down to the table.  So far, no one has asked for the ladder or found a chair to move to the table, but they will figure that out soon enough.

The water table is still drawing interest.  Bubble making is always a fun thing to do especially if the water is warm!  Using the whisks builds muscles in different areas of the hands and wrist necessary for fine motor operations.  Next week I will try to find other tools to make bubbles.  Perhaps straws.

We have large pieces of paper on the easel which seem to allow for more large body movement.  Rather than just putting one or two lines on the paper, the kids are working across the paper with big arm movements!

These kids are doing an amazing job in circle as well as walking in the hallway.  We can share some information, sing a song, share some information, and then sing another song with little interruption.  As we walk down to the gym, these kids truly are as quiet as a worm, or butterfly, or whatever they choose to walk as!

My thanks to Jeff and Josh for all of their help today!