Wednesday, October 10 - What We Did Today!

Today at first circle, we started a book called “We Are All Alike…We Are All Different!”  This is a great book, written by Kindergarteners comparing our similarities and our differences.  It is a beginning to celebrating diversity.  The books that we will be writing, “All About Me”, will be expressing each of us as individuals.  We will be reading these to our friends and to the classroom as a way to compare how we are the same and how we are different.

I was able to help the kids finish their self-portraits which will be the cover of their “All About Me” books.  I took six kids at a time to the art table, gave them each a mirror, and had them tell me what they saw.  We talked about colors, shapes, and places on our heads.  Most of the kids took this seriously and were very proud of how their portrait turned out.  Be sure to check them out!  They are on the front bulletin board in alphabetical order.

As I was focused on helping with the self-portraits, I didn’t see a lot of what was going on elsewhere, but I did notice that Naomi had about six kids outside doing various things such as digging up worms, climbing Mt. Everest, and riding the roller coaster.

Once finished up with their portraits, most kids stayed inside and played some games.  There were several marble runs being built, fairy houses with magna tiles, Duplos and Legos, and cars speeding down ramps.

After snack, we have been looking at magazines while others finish up.  Once circle comes, I ask if anyone read or saw something they would like to tell us about.  This has been readily accepted as opposed to when I was having them read books.  As the main idea is to allow kids to practice turning pages in a book, knowing the front and back of a book, noting the writing in the book and for early readers reading something they are interested in, the magazines are just as good as an actual book.  Especially if they enjoy it!

My thanks to Bevin and Naomi for all of their help today!