Monday, October 1 - What We Did Today!

Today we had a circle full of talkers.  To make that work, I had each person tell us something they did last weekend.  For some kids this was a simple “I went camping” but others had a five-minute speech prepared.  As difficult as it was to get through this, I think it is a good way for the kids to realize their turn will come also.  I may continue to work this in to morning circle if everyone’s patience allows for it!

At the art table, we had eye droppers, liquid watercolors, and leaf shapes.  We will hang our Autumn leaves when they dry, but many will also be coming home!  Some kids had so much fun they made four or five, so you may be enjoying the Autumn leaves in your home!

The water table had some tubes, pumps, basters, and cups.  It was great watching the kids test the equipment and attempt to figure out how the water was getting up to the top of the pump, or wonder why wouldn’t it pump when it was being held higher in the air?

I brought in a new manipulative that I found over the summer.  It has 26 3 or 4 inch acorns each with a letter of the alphabet on the outside.  When you take off the cap, there is a small object that starts with that letter.  For instance, S is a small star with a capital S on the acorn and a lower-case s on the inside of the cap.  They are also color coordinated, the star is blue the letter on the acorn is blue, and the cap is blue.  Many kids were testing this out and I was able to see the variation in where each child was regarding letters and sounds.  What a great tool for me and a fun one for the kids.

My thanks to Cheryl and Naomi for all of their help today!