Tuesday, January 9 - What We Did Today!


Oh my gosh!  Have I told you how much I love your kids!  They are sweet, helpful, and thoughtful.  Today when Josie hit her head, I ask if anyone could make her laugh.  The next five minutes was priceless as several kids made silly faces and/or movements.  Needless to say, she was laughing by the time they were through.

We celebrated Josie’s 3 ½ birthday today with vanilla cake and a song.  The bakers in the class have been doing an amazing job and everyone seemed to enjoy the cake.

I was working with a group of kids making snowflakes that will stick to the window (we hope!)  We squeezed colored glue on clear plastic to create an image.  Once dry, it will peel off the plastic and act similarly to a window cling.

“Buy more pizza” was the chant of the day.  Our pizzeria was so popular we weren’t always able to find enough dough to make more.  Rowan was enjoying the delivery aspect of pizza more than making pizza.  He would find some random food, put it in a pizza box and deliver to any and all in the vicinity.

Our snow in the dry table is still drawing a crowd.  My only concern is that the kids always want to transport whatever is in the dry table to the kitchen (it is a little-known fact that children will transport anything available from one area to another!)  The concern I have is because the snow is a polymer which, in its snow form, is very slippery and if left on the ground someone will slip in it and fall.  Alas, it will be someone’s body that helps them understand this concept. 

We sang a couple of songs about snowmen (snow people is too long to put in the song) that the kids are enjoying.  Be sure to have them sing to you.  Kids pick up songs very quickly.

My thanks to Trisha and Lisa for of their help today!