Monday, January 8 - What We Did Today!


Today we talked about snow.  The main word that came up over and over was fluffy.  The kids are doing a good job in circle lately once they settle.  During second circle, we had a fire drill and then rejoined circle.  They jumped right in to a song with minimal trouble.

The sensory table had a new substance called Bubber.  It comes together somewhat like playdough, but it eases out of its’ shape and begins to break a part.  The kids seemed to enjoy testing it out.

The water table has been enjoying its’ share of play with the ice bergs and animals of the arctic.  It’s fun to listen to the stories kids come up with while manipulating the animals on the ice.

There was a huge group of kids outside playing with Summar keeping an eye out.  When I checked out what was going on, I noticed some great mixtures of kids working together.  They were really enjoying the water in the sand box.  Of course, this meant wet clothes for all involved.  If your child came home with different pants and/or socks, he/she was probably having a great time in the water!

We changed dramatic play into a pizzeria with dough, cheese, sausage, Canadian bacon, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, olives, and pineapple.  Poor Ali ended up eating 8 pizzas in about 10 minutes.  They deliver as well.

During last circle, I began reading a chapter book.  Because of winter, I chose Polar Bears Before Bedtime.  This is from the Magic Tree House series.  I have found this series to be one of the best for moving from picture books to chapter books.  The stories are interesting, they have both a boy and a girl as main characters, and there are one to two pictures per chapter, helping to keep the interest.

My thanks to Ali and Summar for all of their help today!