Friday, January 5 - What We Did Today!


What a wonderful day we had today!  All 15 of the kids were here, signed in, and busy by 9:40.  During circle, we read about snow – what it feels like, what it looks like, what fun things we can do in the snow, and what things we can’t do because of snow.  The kids did pretty well.  They have been helping me sing because my voice is gone, and they have been patient with me because one of my ears is not working.  This is so appreciated!

The play dough wasn’t very interesting today.  The play dough we made on Wednesday was greasy and unappetizing.  Instead they headed to the water table with the ice, water and Arctic animals.  Or to the dry table with snow and Arctic land animals.  Both tables brought out some great scrips as well as some practice negotiating.  Only once at the dry table did I have to intervene and help with the process.

At the art table, we had many winter stickers.  They were anything from Penguins to snowflakes, walrus to fox and sleds to ice bergs.  They create a scene using the stickers and then painted white snow where they wanted it to complete their winter scene.

Outside, I interrupted a game four or five of them were playing.  Ali told me that they were watching the water droplets run down the slide, join up with others to become bigger, and move past obstacles on their way down.  The obstacles were mainly added by them – a little sand, dirt, whatever.  I asked them a question and pulled them out of their plan.  All laughter and discussion stopped immediately.  Sometimes it is better to just watch and not ask questions!  I left with the hope that they would start their process again.

Aesa and Lucy were getting married today, so they were making food and dressing up for the wedding.  For some reason it was canceled, but no one seemed to be too upset.  I am assuming it was a mutual break off. 

My thanks to Stefan and Ali for all of their help today!