Thursday, January 4 - What We Did Today!

What a wonderful day we had today!  We had a special guest at circle, Mark McIntire, Bodhi’s Dad.  Mark brought his guitar and Bodhi brought his ukulele.  Mark sang several songs while Bodhi joined in on the ukulele.  Several of the audience headed up to the loft to add additional percussion.  There was River with bells, Sebastian on floor drum, and Jubilee on the guitar.  Others began dancing alone or with others.  It was marvelous music indeed.

There was much going on that was new to the group today.  We made snow and set up some Artic animals as well as Antarctician penguins to the scene.  This snow is made from a polymer similar to one used for baby diapers.  It absorbs water and fluffs up.

At the water table, we had ice bergs and whales, seals, and polar bears.  As the ice begins to melt, we talk about where it went and why.  These kids are pretty smart and already knew that it melted.  Now comes the propaganda! 

We were playing with a new play dough recipe called Cloud 9 play dough.  When were made it yesterday, it was soft and smooth, but today it was heavy and rather like pie or biscuit dough.  This didn’t stop the kids though.  They were making ice cream and cookies or just enjoying cutting the dough.

We tested some new manipulatives as well as some old favorites.  Bash was interested in the marble run and directed me as to what piece to put where.  By the time he was finished, many kids had gathered around to test out the run with the marbles.

We built a farm, made dinner, painted snowy trees, and played outside as well.  My thanks to Jenny and Mark for all of their help today!