Wednesday, January 31 - What We Did Today!


Today we wrote the first page for our new book, Our Community.  We talked about our visit from Dr. Tang and then drew something from that visit or from a visit to our doctor.  Then we dictated our comments to one of the adults in the classroom. Once finished, we went off to work/play elsewhere in the classroom.

The art table was, I admit, a craft.  However, the reason for the craft was to get an idea of who may need some help cutting.  It was related to the story “The Mitten” which we will continue using to tell the story in various ways.  We read the book at the second circle, looking at all of the side pictures as well as the main picture.  Jan Brett tells a more in-depth story through the side pictures and it gives the kids a sneak peak as to what is coming.

The kinetic sand is still popular although I’m not sure if it is because of the texture or the story line the trucks add.  I know that Finn, Aria and I were paving roads with the steam rollers, while Lillian wanted to build a snowman.

Not as much interest in the doctors’ office lately, but I will watch for a way to continue the play with new interest or let it go.  Some babies were being treated and a lot of bandages were being opened, but that seemed to be the extent of the usage.

The water table had warm soapy water with various whisks and some straws available while the sensory table had bubber. 

The kids are doing a wonderful job with quiet game time.  They work together with Legos, blocks, games, or puzzles.  As a matter of fact, they utilize this skill throughout the day as well.  My thanks to Josh and Kristen for all of their help!