Tuesday, January 30 - What We Did Today!


Today we welcomed Molly our newest student.  Molly jumped right in to things, checking out the various centers, writing cards, and joining the play outside.  The classroom was very calm today.  It was described by two parents as “thin” which was fine with me.  I was able to focus on what everyone was up to, how they were playing, who they were playing with, and what additions I could bring into their play. 

Outside, Anthony and a small group were enjoying the sun, water, and fishing.  Molly, Adam, and Jubilee had a bucket on the end of the rope and were “fishing” by sending the rope down to the ground.  Anthony would put something into the bucket and they would pull it back up.  Rowan and Liam were filling a watering can and watering the ground.  They had a nice big lake on the west side of the play structure.

Kids were painting on aluminum foil with tempera paints.  Some of the paintings are bright with colors as well as with the foil shine!  They were busy for about 30 to 40 minutes before moving on to something else.

We had warm soapy water and things that make bubbles in the water table.  This brought many kids over to blow, mix, and pour.

Addy was working with the wild animals.  I think she may be part lion herself.  Her roar is very convincing.  She also showed me some of her ballet moves when I turned on the radio.  She twirled and raised swan arm. 

Others in the area discovered the ramps and tubes and began having races down the tubes.  Ginny used this to her advantage at clean-up by placing the tube end into the basket and having the kids race the cars down the ramp.  I learn something new everyday and not always from the kids!  My thanks to Anthony and Ginny for all of their help today!