What We Did Today!

Wednesday, January 3

Today we talked about somethings that happened during break – holidays, presents, snow and ice were some of the kids’ ideas.  I told them we had changed seasons and asked them if they knew what season we were in.  We then proceeded to talk about Winter what they know about this season.  They hung in the circle for a long time while we talked through winter’s changes from Fall.

At the playdough table, eleven of our fifteen kids help me to make a new type of playdough.  It is called cloud 9 playdough and comes out very soft.  By the time we finished the ingredients and mixing, most of the kids moved on to other things.  Otto, Lillian, and Aria stayed and helped to knead the dough until it was ready and they were able to create with it.

Outside, kids were in the sand box digging for treasure, climbing the rock wall, and sliding.  Easton helped me by pulling out our last sunflower stalk.  Wow, is it ever tall!  I had to go back inside the classroom when Edie, Simon and Finn were using the water from the rain barrel.  Burr!

There were many new manipulatives out today giving the kids something new to check out.  I noticed the parquetry blocks being used to create patterns, the matching faces game, and the counters.  I will be interested to see if any of them become long term choices.

During quiet game time, Finn, I, and Avery put together a large floor puzzle of dinosaurs in a museum.  Simon was working with Edie using Legos to build with.  Marcus and Henry were building with the bristle blocks.  And Dash and Barkley were using the Wedgits!

My thanks to Kacy and Margaret for all of their help today!