Friday, January 26 - What We Did Today!


Today we talked a bit about crystals.  I passed around some crystals and pictures of crystals.  I explained the process of molecules in hot water and the point of saturation, too much information.  So, we left circle and took turns mixing borax and hot water to saturation, added a pipe cleaner shape, and left them on the windowsill.  As I write this, they are all hanging from the blinds drying.  They turned out very well.

It was a rather quiet day today for the most part.  Several kids were working with the kinetic sand and construction vehicles.  Some of them build, while others just like to drive through the sand or feel the texture of the sand.

Dash and Simon were doing some interesting building with the big blocks in the loft.  Last week someone made a rocket ship and about four kids took off to realms unknown.  Today it looked more like a plane of some sort. 

Outside with Kymberli, the kids were searching for worms which they finally found and shared with the rest of us.  There is nothing like a muddy worm to get kids excited!

You may have noticed some number activities on the manipulative tables lately.  I am watching to see who recognizes the number symbols to the amount it stands for.  Next drop off, ask your child which of the tiles is a seven and which is an eight. 

At second circle, we talked about Valentine’s Day and what we will be doing that day.  One of my favorite songs to teach the kids (besides I’m stirring) is I’m Gonna Mail Myself to You, by Arlo Guthrie.  Check to see how much they remember.  This year we will learn all five verses!

My thanks to Michelle and Kymberli for all of their help today!