Thursday, January 25 - What We Did Today!


Today the kids were actively involved immediately.  Here is what I noticed.

The Bubber is still intriguing to most of the kids.  Its’ texture is different enough to make creating different from playdough.  The latest technique has been to squeeze it tight enough together while shaping it into balls or other shapes such as triangles or squares.

The water table has thermometers, glasses, measuring cups, water, and ice.  There are no rules or suggestions for this table which creates various ideas from different kids.  Liam was working hard to gather up all of the water and place it into the bowl in the center.  Adam was more interested in the ice and what it was doing.  When he showed me the water with ice in it, the thermometer was in the bowl.  I asked him where the red ended, and we discovered that it was at 0.  He said he wanted it to go up to the top.  By talking through this without giving any specific answers, he got a cup of warm water, put the thermometer in and watch as the red line move quickly up to about 60.  For a while after, he practiced his new knowledge by moving the thermometer from one cup to the next watching as it moved up and down.

There were many doctors and a couple of patients today working hard to save lives.  Isla was sitting by her patient’s bed, Josie, stroking her hair to make her feel better. 

There were kids in the dry table working with construction vehicles in the kinetic sand.  They were clearing the road, steam rolling the road, and moving sand off of the road.  I the block area, the kids found some of the hot wheel type cars and began to race them on the play mat.  I asked if they would like a ramp to race them with and brought out some cardboard ramps for them to work with.  They tested several options deciding what worked best.  My thanks to Jenny and Lisa for all of their help today!