Wednesday, January 24 - What We Did Today!


Today was a wonderful day for learning!  We had a guest speaker, Dr. Tang also known as Marcus’ dad.  Dr. Tang is a surgeon and arrived in scrubs and all to talk with us about what a surgeon does.  He talked to us about the difference between a surgeon and a physician, he showed us on our body pop-up how food started in the mouth and ended outside of the body in the form of – yup – poop.  Of course, this was the most interesting part!  He also showed us how he had to clean and dress in order to be as sterile as possible before surgery.  We don’t want any germs or stray hairs getting into someone’s body!  From there, he gathered the kids around a table and showed them various tools used during surgery.  We saw sutures, tweezers in various sizes, a scalpel, a couple of tuning forks, and a rubber band.  The kids had some good questions to ask him after we were through.  When everything was done, those kids had been sitting in circle for about 50 minutes – 20 with me and another 30 with our guest!  Unbelievable.  They were doing a great job!

After this wonderful opportunity, they were ready to play.  I thought they would be headed to the dramatic play area, the doctors’ Office, but they were everywhere else. Only Aesa and Lucy were in the office.  I was listening for a bit because they didn’t seem to be working on patients.  It turns out Lucy was making medicine.  Pharmaceutical companies look out!

The dry table has kinetic sand with construction vehicles and definitely started some imaginations flowing.  Kinetic sand has a wonderful feel to it to begin with, but when you add the vehicles, there becomes a new kind of play.

We have been talking about animals in winter lately and what they do to stay warm.  We have talked about migration, hibernation, and growing thicker fur.  So today, we made bird feeders to help birds that don’t migrate have food.

Many of the kids have started working with ramps and cars.  I am enjoying where this is taking them and will try to keep up with them.  What a great day!  My thanks to Kyle and Kacy for all of their help!