Tuesday, January 23 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Isla’s 4th birthday with rainbow cake and a song.  Evidently the bakers are doing an excellent job because I seldom see any leftover cake!

The water table had a bowl of water, ice cubes, glasses, measuring cups, and thermometers.  From there, the kids tried various things.  First, they were just testing the water in the bowl.  This led to some pouring from cup to cup and finally to pouring into individual glasses.  There we added some ice cubes and the thermometers while the kids watched as the red, mercury, moved rapidly down the thermometer.

We were coloring with crayons on top of a warming tray.  As the crayons melt, they leave a cool residue.  The colors seem more intense and pop off of the page.  There wasn’t a lot of interest though, as we had a new set-up in dramatic play – a doctors’ office.

This class was one of the first I’ve had that had several kids willing to be the patient.  Usually, parent helpers and I end up with shots and bandages galore before we go home!  They started taking turns right away.  Josie sat in the waiting seat for a very long time before she could see the doctor!

Outside, Sebastian was searching for caterpillars, slugs, or worms.  He wasn’t picky.  Unfortunately, with the rain, most critters were hiding in a dry spot somewhere.  The wild animals made a trip out today along with the jungle.  I am always interested to see how the play changes when we add the jungle to the area.  With just the animals, the kids line them up and then start fighting, but with the jungle, more often they are working together in the jungle.

Getting to circle was a little bit crazy, but we made it through and into the gym where many had to wait and take turns to use a new vehicle and did very well!  My thanks to Rachel and Brittni for all of their help today!