Monday, January 22 - What We Did Today!


Today we talked about animals in winter and what they do to stay warm.  I showed the kids some pictures and asked them what each animal did to stay warm in the winter.  They knew each one except for the bird.  Nicely done!  It was a long circle and even with some interruptions, they did an amazing job.

No one touched the sensory table with the Bubber ready to go which is interesting as this is usually a regular.  Of course, it has to do with the new dramatic play area, doctors’ office.  Lucy was the main patient other than the dolls.  She patiently laid on the bed while various kids with their faces covered with masks and their hair covered with a scrub hat decided what was wrong with her.  She got shots, medicine, and band-aids.

It was interesting how many kids spent the first part of the day working quietly with manipulators such as gears and Legos.  They were enjoying themselves in groups of two to five.  Usually, first thing, they are playing in the loft or outside moving and getting energy out.  So, it was interesting to watch as they quietly continued games then moved on.  Most did a good job cleaning up before moving on although usually with a reminder.

At the art table, the kids were to make a bear den, mix some special snow, and paint the den.  There seemed to be some trouble which I think was due to the bags being to light to hold up the snow.  Oh, well, live and learn.

The winter animals and ice floes continued to keep kids busy, especially as Edie had brought an Aquabot which she put into the water.  It was a shark-like submarine.

I had brought a Little Tykes car that I recently got from Buy Nothing (yea!) into the classroom hoping to wash it before the kids got here today.  Well that didn’t happen.  However, Stefan took it outside to wash it off along with Finn.  They finished it up and we were able to bring it to the gym.

The kids have really been enjoying the Magic Tree House book, Polar Bears before Bedtime.  Today we found out how a 750-pound bear and cross ice so thin that a human wouldn’t be able to cross it standing up.  Ask your child to show you how to do this.  You never know when you might be stuck on thin ice!

My thanks to Stefan and Marya for all of their help today!