Friday, January 19 - What We Did Today!


Today we were missing three kids which brought about an entirely different dynamic.  Kids broke up into various groups, moved from group to group, and other than being very loud by the end of the day, were calmly playing and interacting.

We talked about ice during circle, how is it made, is it warm or cold, what happens if it gets warm and so forth.  Then we read about ice.  It is amazing to me that they can sit in circle while I’m reading a book, giving their opinions about ice and what they are seeing in the book, but if anyone walked into the room at that point, they would be sure there was no control of this chaos!  They did a great job of staying on the topic and when someone veered, I reminded them to talk about ice and they managed to change immediately so that it was focused on ice.  Loud?  Yes!   Learning?  Most definitely!

At the art table, we had a little bit of science while also doing crayon resist.  The kids drew mostly designs with crayons.  Then they painted the paper with Epsom salts mixed into hot water.  They can see the resist right away, but later, they get to see the growth of some crystals that look like a frosty window.

The Bubber was very popular again today.  We were making cakes and cutting them into pieces.  Lillian was making little cakes as samples to give away.  Edie was getting right into her project!  Many kids went straight to the wood working table after finishing up with the Bubber.  Simon and Aesa were drilling holes, Simon was working with tape to create a scene, Marcus used tape to enhance a tree cut out, while Edie was building with the wood, but not attaching them with anything.

Another great day in preschool!  My thanks to Jessica and Andrew for all of their help today.