What We Did Today!

Tuesday, January 2

Today we celebrated Addy and Eliza’s birthday with a song and chocolate cake!  We were missing four kids, so our group of eleven seemed very calm and quiet today.  There was some pairing up as well as some group play going on with problem solving happening without adult intervention.  It is always great to see this happen.

There was ice in the water table with water and winter animals.  Liam did a great job deciding which animals would be on the ice and which would be in the water.

Outside, once they had donned coats, the kids were looking for worms.  Liam was creating a trail of sand I think in case he got lost but for all I know, it could have been food for bears!  Though it was freezing to me, they were out there for most of the morning enjoying the digging and sharing of what they discovered.

I the loft, Adam was working with Stella as they created music.  He then came down to the kitchen area and began playing for Addy.  He picked out an appropriate costume and continued with his music.

In the kitchen area, Stella was making tea for me.  Bodhi joined us, and she made him a cup as well.  Then she added some grapes for us to snack on.  Yummy!  She will be quite a cook.

There was lots of work at the woodworking table by Stella, Sebastian, Rowan, and Liam.  I love that they just head on over and begin drilling, hammering, or creating.

My thanks to Sarah and Brittni for all of their help today.  Happy New Year everyone.