Thursday, January 18 - What We Did Today!


Today was another great day with the caterpillars.  From the time they walked in to class, they were busy playing or checking out one thing or another.  It is great to see them all working together so well.  At circle we had a fire drill.  Well, it was close to a fire drill.  I have a song to sing that tells the kids what to do and we practice this.  We didn’t go all the way outside to the gate today as there were so many bare and stockinged feet.

At the sensory table we have been experiencing Bubber, a sand like play dough.  It rolls, stacks, cuts, and builds, but will also slowly fall apart like sand, it doesn’t dry out, and it is much easier to pick up off the floor or rug.  Today a lot of kids were working on cutting with the shapes, or building volcanos. 

The ice brought many smiles as the kids walked in.  Margot created a sculpture that she gave to Adam with the stipulation that he was not allowed to break it.  As the ice began to melt, we wondered what the polar bears would do if the ice was all gone.  They are still contemplating this possibility.

Outside, they have gone from rolling trucks down the slide, rolling tools down the slide, and today, rolling tree rounds down the slide.  The tree rounds are about six inches across and four inches deep.  River and Rowan were climbing up the ladder while holding on to these large pieces of wood with both hands.  Think of the balance and knowledge they need in order to complete this task.

There were several magicians dueling in the loft.  I’ve never seen so many frogs in one place!  At the art table, we were drawing with crayons on black paper then painting over it with a Epsom salt wash.  This dries with a frosty look to it creating a winter scene.

My thanks to Jesse and Kari for all of their help today.