Tuesday, January 16 - What We Did Today!


Today we celebrated Margot’s 3 ½ birthday with vanilla cake and a song.  There were only a few bakers, Isla, River, and Josie, but the cake must have been good because everyone, well almost everyone, enjoyed every last bite.

I was outside for a while enjoying Liam’s sand and water hard work, Sebastian’s search for worms and slugs, and Margot’s excitement upon finding said slugs.  All of the kids had a great time.  By the time Josie came out, Liam and Adam had flooded the sandbox and the water was spilling out onto the ground.  As it became one big puddle, Josie went puddle splashing along with a few others.

Back inside, ice was somewhat of a theme.  I had ice in the water table with water and the winter animals.  It was melting fairly quickly, but I didn’t get a chance to spew my propaganda regarding climate change and polar bears.  Not to worry, I will get to it next week!  We were painting with colored ice cubes on two different types of paper.  One was a regular construction paper feel while the other was slippery like finger paint.  The final product is very different so be sure to check it out.

Adam was working in the snow with the igloo, dogs and sled, polar bears, and Inuit people.  This was the snow that was made of a polymer and water – a bit easier to clean-up than the paper snow.

The ice cream shop is still popular.  I’m not sure if that is because you can virtually “dump” all the various sized pom-poms without anyone giving you a hard time, or because it is fun to create different types of ice cream concoctions!

At circle, I asked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and if anyone knew about him.  Only Liam said he knew who he was, but he didn’t want to tell us.  At this age, I keep it simple – Dr. King thought everyone should be treated equally and he stood up for this by walking in marches and having sit-ins.  Then I read a book called, “Strictly No Elephants” which discusses exclusion.  Kids this age understand fair and unfair, so they got the basic idea.  In Butterfly class, we talk more about Dr. King and exclusion based on what we look like.  My thanks to Angie and Sara.