What We Did Today!

Friday, September 29

Today was another amazing day for these Butterflies.  They were great in circle while we talked about germs.  And did a super job for the fire drill.  From there, it only got better.

There was a rush on the art table where we had set up large water color pats in warm colors.  I had some small paint palettes for them to mix colors in and at least ten of the kids worked with the colors to create color mixes, designs, or paintings.

Play dough is still a gathering place and a great observation source for me.  Conversations start out, grow into exchanges, adding others who are interested in joining.  Today was no different with anywhere between one and six kids working at any one time.

The water table has soapy warm water and whisks, egg beaters, and cups and pitchers allowing for various experimentation.  The dry table now has wood pellets with the bicycle box and tubes.  Because the tube openings are about five feet from the floor, the ladder is set-up next to it and we also decided on a chair so that more than one person could fill the tubes at a time.  I love watching as they manipulate their bodies various ways until they discover the position that has the best balance and comfort.  This is an opportunity for them to learn about their bodies and what they can do.  They are also stretching, watching below while pouring above, and maintaining balance through it all.  They were also having to problem solve whose turn it was on the ladder and waiting for their turn.

The kitchen was home to some famous cooks and sisters.  Lucy, Aesa, and Lillian were dressing, cooking and maintaining a nice home for much of their free time.  Definitely an opportunity to test out jobs and how they feel.

Outside, Otto, Aria, and Avery were looking for and eating any ripe tomatoes they could locate.  We moved the vines around to get a closer look and found quite a few ready to eat.  We pulled one carrot, but it was only about one to one and a half inches long so the guineas had it for a treat.

My thanks to Ali and Kaci for all of their help today.