what We Did Today!

Thursday, September 28

Today we celebrated Jubilee’s 4th birthday with rainbow cake and a song.  This is the first rainbow cake the caterpillars have had and it is really fun to make.  It involves the mixing of batter with rainbow colors that is then plopped down into the cake pan.  Once baked, it is a riot of colors.  We had nine kids helping with the cake which includes measuring, stirring, counting to five in various languages, and waiting your turn.  Well done!

Outside it was hot, but beautiful.  Sebastian and I looked for bugs to no avail while Stella, Liam and a couple of others were working hard moving sand from a wagon to the sand box.

The guineas were very happy to have a large group of admirers petting and feeding them.  When I walked by, Addy was feeding one guinea in the cage while Liam was holding the other on his lap and five or six kids were surrounding the guinea with bits of food for him.  Don’t forget if you are at all interested in watching the guineas during a break, the sign-up sheet is tacked under the calendar by the classroom door (they come with instructions unlike children!)

Some cooking was being done in the kitchen as well as trains running on the tracks.  These are both good social opportunities for one on one conversations.  Play dough, on the other hand, is an easy way for anyone to join in and begin playing alone until ready to join a conversation.  I like to take quieter kids to the play dough table and start up a conversation.  Others usually join in and I slowly slip away once the two are engaged.

We had many helpers today as Ginny joined us so that she could be here for Jubilee’s birthday, Liz, a classroom helper, was here, Rachel and Jenny were the scheduled helpers for today, and some specialists joined us half way through the day making the adult count by the end of the day seven to our 15 students.  Not bad odds.  My thanks to all of those helpers, it was a wonderful day!