What We Did Today!

Wednesday, September 27

Today things went very well.  In first circle we talked about germs, how they get into our bodies, and what we can do to stop them.  Since germs are too small to see just with your eyes, we created our own germ garden on a piece of bread.  Each kid ate, licked, or wiped their hands on a piece of bread, put the bread into a plastic bag, and sealed it.  Now we wait for the germs to grow.  We followed up the germ experiment with a story about twins, one who stays clean of germs and one who does not. 

At the art table, we created our own versions of fall leaves using liquid watercolors and a leaf shape cut from a filter like paper.  When you see them you will be sure they came directly from our amazing fall trees.

In the water table, the kids were stirring up some bubbles using kitchen whips, egg beaters and spoons.  They attempted to see which of the tools worked the best in making bubbles.

The sand made it into the kitchen again.  I know this will happen, but I’m not sure how to keep the amount down to a minimal.  I think that sand is out for a bit until we get back to other things to use in the kitchen.  We will still have the box and tubes, but we will add wood fire pellets instead.

Outside, the kids were having a great time in the sand box digging adding water, and making things.  Kerri was out in the hot sun almost the entire time, while all of the creativity was flowing.  Otto and I were outside watching and I took a picture.  When he and I looked at it, all we could see were these long shadows stretching across the ground.  Very interesting.

Play dough again was a busy place with, I think, everyone there for at least a bit of time throughout the hour.  Squishing, pushing, rolling, cutting and creating!  My thanks to Kyle and Kerri for all of their help today!