What We Did Today!

Monday, September 25

Today things appeared very calm.  There were 15 kid present and they were doing an amazing job of working with each other.  At the art table, Otto was making a bear by drawing the shapes he saw in the bear, cutting them out, and then taping them together.  Avery was working on taking pre-cut paper, adding stickers and extra pieces of paper and gluing them to a piece of paper to make a cat.  Others were just practicing their cutting skills.

At the play dough table, a group of kids were individually working on their own projects, cakes, cookies, an amazing building of some sort, and a cat to name a few.  This group is very play dough oriented.

Outside there was water plus sand which equals fun!  They were using the rain barrel along with buckets and shovels to create…?

Under the loft, a fort was created by barricading the opening so the no one could get in.  Normally, someone would tell me that they weren’t allowed in so we would have to break up the barricade in order to include anyone interested.  But today, no one seemed to mind so Edie and Simon enjoyed their space for a bit before putting everything back where it belonged.

I had a new box and tubes in the sand table forcing kids upward.  We set up the ladder in order to reach the tubes.  It was fun to watch how some of them dealt with this new operation.  Some were up the ladder, pour sand into tube, come down, climb the ladder, pour sand, down the ladder.  While others were looking around, trying to find where the sand came out, or checking for other places on the box that they could pour sand.  They had brought up the funnels and were using the cups to scoop up the sand before sending it zooming down the tubes and back into the table.

My thanks to Stefan and Marya for all of their help today!