What We Did Today!

Friday, September 22

Today during first circle, we talked about how we were feeling.  We have been doing this all week and it was fun to see how many kids were feeling “great!”  With those feeling sad or angry, we asked if they needed any help with that.  Then we offered ideas of what we could do to make them feel better.  The kids are starting to come up with some good possibilities such as “play with them” and “give them a hug”.  This is a great way to start building some empathy towards our community.

The play dough table was busy, as usual, with textures galore.  Most of the kids were rolling out dough or flattening dough with the tortilla press then testing different textures by pushing various tools into the dough.  No fancy cakes today, but some amazing exploration.

The woodworking table was used off and on with much hammering and even a little design.  Several kids were outside in the sand box and dirt.  They added water to create a fun time had by all.

In the block area, Barkley and Dash built a pretty amazing tower together which was taller than both of them.  Later Mae and Easton built as well.

Dramatic play was mainly the sisters, Lucy and Aesa, taking care of their dog.  When they realized they had no food, they went to the store to find some.  The store was the play dough table where they made some dog food and feed the dog.  Another wonderful script. 

While waiting for snack to be ready, the kids play quiet games.  These can be alone or with others.  It usually includes puzzles, building toys, books, or the writing table.  Today Marcus was using the magna tiles and came up with two monster faces.  See if you can find the nose, eyes, or ears.

My thanks to Margaret and Andrew for all of their help today!