What We Did Today!

Thursday, September 21

Today the kids were busy from the time they arrived until the time they were picked up.  When we sang our We Are Busy song, I asked each of them what were they busy doing.  The answers were, of course, varied.  There was busy painting, busy playing in the sand box, busy with the marble run, busy cooking, busy fishing, and busy playing with play dough.  I saw all of that, but here is what else I saw.

I saw kids working together to build marble runs, helping fix them when they fell down.  I saw kids solving problems when they both wanted the same thing, with and without adult help.  I saw kids breaking off some of their play dough when someone new had none.  I saw kids gently petting Sun while gathered around Lisa.  I saw kids putting their dishes in the dishwasher after snack and cleaning up their spills. 

We are only on day three and kids are playing together, alone, and joining others play.  We have some “watchers”, some “jump right in”, and some “wanderers”.  All seem to be comfortable with the area and the adults.

My thanks to Lisa and Jesse for all of their help today!